Ten Point Platform

This is our Ten Point Platform. Click on each point for a full statement of our policy.

  • Bring back common sense and end the ‘culture wars’
  • Remove career politicians from Canberra and return to citizen self-government
  • Revive civil society and wind back the managerial class so we can rebuild the Australian tradition of self-help and CAN-DO community
  • Break-up anti-competitive cartels in Big Business the Big Four banks, the Big Three utilities, the Big Two retailers and One Big Telco
  • End the civil war over climate change by opposing both denialism and alarmism, establishing a competitive energy market and abolishing all industry subsidies
  • Place a moratorium on immigration until social integration, infrastructure and services catch up with our population
  • Personalise social services and individualise their funding so they serve consumers not providers
  • Balance the federal budget and reduce debt by ending corporate and middle-class welfare
  • Limit CEO salaries in companies subject to federal licencing (banks, finance, AusPost) with a cap at 44 times the company’s lowest wage
  • Chart an independent course for Australia in security and world affairs without deference to either China or America

We don’t expect everyone to agree with every single point here. But this Platform points to a direction for Australia that is very different from the direction that the Labor and Coalition parties will take us. It is a direction around which we believe most Australians can come together.

We strongly uphold the right of every elected representative in parliament to act in accordance with the views in their electorate, and to act in accordance with their own conscience, even if this conflicts from time to time with this Platform.

1 thought on “Ten Point Platform”

  1. I suggest a maximum of 3-4 terms HOR (12 years) and 2 terms Senate (12 years). No career politicians sat in there for 20+ years.


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