Federal Election

This is our Ten-Point Platform for the Federal election. Click on each point for a full statement of our policy.

  • Restore civility to politics and end the culture wars
  • Remove career politicians from Canberra and return to citizen self-government
  • Wind back the managerial class so we can reform our institutions
  • Return the budget to surplus and eliminate debt by ending corporate and middle-class welfare
  • Personalise social services and individualise their funding so they serve consumers and families
  • Break-up the Big Four banks, the Big Three utilities, the Big Two retailers and the One Big Telco
  • Limit CEO salaries in companies subject to federal licencing (banks, finance, AusPost) with a cap at 44 times the company’s lowest wage
  • Place a moratorium on immigration until social cohesion is restored and infrastructure and services catch up with our population
  • Enable households and communities to respond to climate change through DIY initiatives instead of top-down decrees
  • Chart an independence course for Australia in security and world affairs without deference to either China or America

We want strong candidates to represent the 80% of us across the country. Express your interest here.

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