Australian politics is broken, torn between left and right, progressives and conservatives, career politicians and populists. Nothing is being fixed. We have gridlock in government, distrust of our institutions, paralysis in public debate, and widespread frustration amongst ordinary people.

The credibility of all our political parties – major and minor – has collapsed.

The 80% of us in the sensible centre of Australian life can no longer sit by and watch the mess. We have to find a way to reclaim our democracy and take charge of our country’s affairs.

Fix Our Politics brings together Australians across the traditional political spectrum to win back our country from self-serving elites and vested interests. We think both right and left have failed to empower ordinary citizens and instead created a political and managerial class that puts its own interests before the community and national interest.

We have a Ten-Point Platform for the coming federal election:

  • Restore civility to politics and end the culture wars
  • Remove career politicians from Canberra and return to citizen self-government
  • Wind back the managerial class so we can reform our institutions
  • Return the budget to surplus and eliminate debt by ending corporate and middle-class welfare
  • Personalise social services and individualise their funding so they serve consumers and families
  • Break-up the Big Four banks, the Big Three utilities, the Big Two retailers and the One Big Telco
  • Limit CEO salaries in companies subject to federal licencing (banks, finance, AusPost) with a cap at 44 times the company’s lowest wage
  • Place a moratorium on immigration until social cohesion is restored and infrastructure and services catch up with our population
  • Enable households and communities to respond to climate change through DIY initiatives instead of top-down decrees
  • Chart an independence course for Australia in security and world affairs without deference to either China or America

We invite your participation in a movement of ordinary people to reclaim our country. Join up today. There is no cost to join up in 2018 – after that there will be a membership fee.

Members of  Fix Our Politics may be people who have never been involved in a political party before, as well as seasoned campaigners. We don’t mind if you are a member of a political party – all we ask is that you tell us of any affiliations you may have when you join up.

We do not want to create another minor party in Australian politics with either a single issue focus or a fringe ideological obsession. We have lots of those already. Rather, we want to form a mainstream movement of ordinary people to participate in all forms of our democracy, at federal, state and local levels.

Join us for our Summer Conference in Melbourne on 23 January 2019 on Fixing Australian Politics.

Members come together in each federal electorate (there are 150 across Australia) in a Federal Electorate Assembly to:

  • organise initiatives as they see fit (discussions, policy forums, self-education);
  • support a candidate in their federal, state or local electorate.

Members also come together by industry and interest in Working Commissions in areas such as NDIS, Centrelink, banking, energy and superannuation. We aim to develop political strategies and market-based initiatives in these areas to wind-back the power and patronage of the political and managerial class and empower citizens.

Fix Our Politics is an initiative of Civil Society Australia, a peak body of community groups and social initiatives independent of government and the commercial world.

There is no time to waste. Join up today – this is urgent!

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