Join us. Become Involved.

We welcome people who want to create a movement for change in Australia, regardless of your background or political experience.

Members of The Sensible Centre may be people who have never been involved in politics before, as well as seasoned campaigners. We don’t mind if you are a member of a political party – all we ask is that you tell us of any affiliations you may have when you join up.

There is no cost to join.

Members come together in each federal electorate (there are 150 across Australia) in a Federal Electoral Assembly to:

  • organise initiatives as they see fit (discussions, policy forums, self-education);
  • support a candidate in their federal, state or local electorate.

If you don’t know which federal electorate you are in, you can find out using this search tool (just enter your street address) on the AEC website.

Members also come together by industry and interest in Working Commissions in areas such as NDIS, Centrelink, banking, energy and superannuation. We aim to develop political strategies and market-based initiatives in these areas to wind-back the power and patronage of the political and managerial class and empower citizens. Please indicate the areas you have an interest in working on.

If you would like to join a committee at national or state level, please indicate below.

If you would like to act as a convenor in your federal electorate, please indicate below.

You may also care to indicate skills or interests that you are willing to contribute.

If you are considering standing as a candidate in the Federal election, please indicate below.

Please note: the form below asks for your date of birth (this is so we can verify your Australian citizenship on the electoral role – we are not interested in your age!).