Senate Campaign

Save the Country from Dud Politicians

We are fielding a Team of Independent Candidates in the Senate to Save the Country from Dud Politicians. We aim to win a Senate seat in each state and we are calling for citizens to sign up to support them in a grassroots insurgency. We don’t have a lot of time to do this, but we have enough.

Our campaign to Save the Country from Dud Politicians has a limited platform of five points:

1. Remove career politicians from Canberra – disqualify any candidate for office who has not worked a minimum of ten years in a real job (not for a party or politician).

2. Limit politicians to two terms only, then back to your day job.

3. Ban taxpayer and corporate funding for political parties.

4. Make crony capitalism a criminal offence – ban handouts of taxpayers’ money to private companies.

5. Make pork-barrelling a criminal offence – remove the power of Ministers to favour particular electorates in allocating taxpayers’ money.

On every other matter, candidates and representatives are entitled to speak and vote according to their convictions, their conscience, and the wishes of their electors.

It’s essential that thoughtful citizens who are not career politicians are elected to the Senate to establish a beach-head for strategic reform of our democracy and political system.

We are calling for Expressions of Interest in standing as a Senate Candidate. The deadline is Friday 18 March 5pm. Please complete an EOI using the form below.

In each state we will field a Team of between two and six Senate candidates. They will form a Group on the ballot paper, so that voters can vote above the line in numbering the Groups from 1 to 6.

We are also calling for Save the Country Team Leaders and Social Media Team Leaders to come forward and play an active role in getting these candidates elected.

We envisage a high-impact, low-cost campaign based on networks and teams. We aim to get 3% of our population to commit to Save the Country from Dud Politicians prior to election day. We estimate that 3% of the vote should be sufficient for centrist Independents to win Senate seats, picking up second and third preferences from voters across the spectrum.

We envisage a grassroots insurgent campaign involving many people contributing what they can. Team Leaders will convene a team of 10 in their area, and contribute whatever the Team can offer. This might be in an area of specialist expertise or general activity in their locality. Either way, a team is essential to ensure a team spirit and optimal use of time and effort.

The criteria for selection of Senate candidates appears below.*

Please complete this form today:

Please forward a CV and any other background information about yourself, including any articles or letters you have written on democracy or politics, by separate email to

*Prospective candidates for the Senate should meet the following criteria:


have a history of bringing people together for the common good and a history of voluntary contribution in advocacy, networking and representation of ordinary people;
b. have a track record as a problem solver, innovator, community builder, entrepreneur, thinker, system designer or activist;
c. have social, professional or political networks that extend throughout their state;
d. are able to mobilise people from diverse backgrounds in support of the campaign; and
e. are not current or recent members of Liberal, National, Labor or Green parties.