Returning New South Wales to the People

NSW State Election 2023

The Liberal and National Parties have led a State Government in New South Wales that is tired, unresponsive and unaccountable. It is increasingly unable to meet the challenges facing the State.

It has been able to survive because the ALP in NSW is a discredited alternative. It has a long history of corruption and crony capitalism.

The fringe minor parties in the Parliament do not provide an effective Opposition either. They are not capable of governing the state or holding the Government to account. In the Lower House, the ‘Teal’ Independents and Greens are just as useless, effectively sharing the agenda of the Perrotet Government.

The task of returning NSW to responsive and accountable government falls to us – ordinary mainstream people in the Sensible Centre of politics and community life.

Cowra - Rural town in the central West on New South Wales - Australia
Cowra, Central NSW

NSW Election: 25 March 2023

We will field a team of candidates in the next NSW State Election. We want mainstream community people to hold the balance of power in both Houses of the State Parliament.

These candidates will be Independents, but they will form a team with shared support and infrastructure. They will retain the right to speak and vote independently, which is essential for the restoration of trust in democracy. But they will be free of the disadvantages associated with minor parties – fringe ideologies, single-issue obsessions, suppression of individual conviction, narcissistic party leaders.

This is how we will do it:

1. In each of the 93 Lower House electorates in Victoria, we invite expressions of interest from people who want to be elected to the NSW Parliament to restore sanity. We will form a team of supporters in each electorate to support them. We are only interested in people who seriously want to win.

Deadline for Expressions of Interest as Lower House Candidates: 31 October.

2. These Lower House candidates will in turn select a team of candidates for the Upper House.

Deadline for Selection of Upper House Candidates by Lower House Candidates: 31 January.

3. In November/December 2022 we will hold a Community Preselection Town Hall Forum in each electorate in which community members may vote to select their preferred candidate.

4. We will prioritise traditionally ‘safe’ Labor and Coalition seats which have been neglected by incumbent parties and captured by career politicians.

5. This two-year process will be led by a State Campaign Committee.

Express your Interest

We invite Expressions of Interest in participating in this process, as either a Candidate, an Electorate Support Team member, or a State Campaign Committee member.

Further information:
Further information:

Vern Hughes
0425 722 890