Plan and Prospectus

For the Two Year Period
July 2019 – July 2021

This is our two-year plan and prospectus for the establishment of a mainstream centrist political movement to represent the 80% of us in the Sensible Centre of Australian life. It is designed so that individuals, groups and parties may join at any point in this twenty-four month period and participate, and test the authenticity and prospects of this initiative, judging these for themselves and reaching their own conclusions.

This plan is also a prospectus in the sense that we want Australians from many different walks of life to assess our ‘prospects’. Can we achieve our goals and avoid the pitfalls and disappointments that have accompanied previous attempts to create a broad, inclusive, centrist political movement?

You are invited to consider this plan, and our prospects, and join us.



To create a political movement positioned in the Sensible Centre of Australian life to represent the 80% of us who identify as neither ‘right’ nor ‘left’, ‘progressive’ nor ‘conservative’, who want a unifying consensus-based approach to meeting the economic, social, environmental and institutional challenges facing us.


To develop a movement with the organizational and financial capacity to seriously challenge the two establishment parties in Australian politics by July 2021, and to be recognized by the general public by this time as the primary political challenger to ‘business-as-usual’ in Australian politics and government,  with members drawn from diverse social and political backgrounds, and a respected national leadership and policy agenda.

Values and Principles

1. We welcome diversity of opinion as a normal and natural feature of political life. We do not expect everyone to think the same or share the same political views. Open discussion and exchange of views in a respectful and courteous manner is required of participants in our movement.

2. We welcome people from across the traditional ‘left-right’, ‘progressive-conservative’ spectrum by emphasising:

a. empowerment of citizens and strengthening of civil society,
b. collaboration across social divisions and political backgrounds,
c. local initiatives and practical solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges, and
d. stronger community relationships and responsibilities.

3. Members of all ethnic backgrounds and religious groups are welcome, on the understanding that proselytising or recruiting for external organisations is not permitted.

4. Candidates and elected representatives of our movement have an obligation to work collaboratively with colleagues, but retain a right to hold and exercise a conscience vote on any matter, and/or a right to vote in accordance with majority opinion in their constituency.

5. Candidates and elected representatives of our movement are not career politicians and therefore may serve for a maximum of three terms only in a lower house of parliament, and two terms only in an upper house.

6. We will issue either open tickets or split tickets with Coalition and Labor parties in matters of preferences as befits a centrist party that is not-aligned with either.

7. We welcome leadership without ego. Participants are invited to bring commitment and character, but are requested to leave their political egos at home.


To build trust amongst participating individuals and organizations in an incremental way over a period of two-years, building up participation in eight national Divisions, 150 federal electorates, and Community Preselections, with leadership exercised by a trusted and representative body of people across the country.

Our strategy of building trust over this period includes the following elements:

1. Appointment of 3 Community Commissioners in each federal electorate to organise and oversee a process of Community Community Preselections and Ballots.

2. Members from July 2021 will be eligible to vote in their federal electorate in a Community Preselection of a community representative as their candidate for the House of Representatives in the 2022 federal election.

3. Members from August 2021 will be eligible to vote in their state or territory in a Community Preselection of a lead Senate candidate in the 2022 federal election.



There are two categories of membership:

1. Full Members – $25 fee, full voting rights, eligible to be Candidates, Electorate Convenors, and Directors of Divisions
2. Community Members – $10 fee, eligible to vote in Community Preselections

All membership fees paid in this two-year period are valid until December 2021.

Full members are allocated to a federal electorate and may choose to participate in one or more Divisions.

Federal Electorates

Each member is attached to a federal electorate (FE). Each FE has an online group and may hold discussions and meetings as it sees fit.

A Convenor will be appointed in each FE

Three Community Commissioners are appointed to convene in each FE. The role of the three Commissioners is to:

a. organise Community Preselection ballots for House of Representatives candidates and lead Senate candidates;
b. promote the search and preselection process in their electorate and coordinate recruitment of community participants; and
v. ensure complete openness and integrity in the process and ballots.


Members may choose to participate in one or more Divisions:

Small Business Division
Seniors Division
Regional and Rural Division
NDIS and Mental Health Division
Children and Families Division
Centrelink and Employment Division
Volunteers and Voluntary Associations Division
Faith and Community Division

The role of Divisions is to create a public voice for sections of society that have a history of exclusion from public affairs and an urgent need for a national political voice. They operate as a national voice within the movement, with an online connection and forum, and set policy in their area, organise campaigns and initiatives, and encourage people to stand as candidates.

A Director is appointed by the Convenor to run each Division, reporting to the Steering Committee. A Director may appoint Assistant Directors or create other roles as they see fit.

Existing registered parties that participate in the movement may choose to be recognized as a Division.

Participating Parties

Existing registered parties that participate in the movement may retain their separate legal entity for the period to December 2021, and then review their ongoing participation. They may then choose to merge with the movement, following discussions with the Steering Committee about their legacy and its management. Or they may then choose to discontinue their participation.

There is a $50 joining fee for parties. This is to ensure a formal and transparent process for participating parties.

Members of participating parties are eligible to participate in the Community Conversations process and vote in Community Preselections.

Steering Committee

A Steering Committee oversees the development of the movement from July 2019 until December 2021. It will replaced by an elected National Executive.

Registered parties that choose to join the movement are eligible for representation on the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee will comprise several positions with portfolio. These will include:

President – to act as public spokesperson for the movement
Convenor – to oversee strategic development of the movement
Party Relations Co-ordinator – to liaise with registered parties and support their participation
Disputes Resolution Co-ordinator – to act as a contact for members and parties with disputes that require resolution

The Convenor will appoint FE Convenors and Division Directors.


July 2019

Establishment of Steering Committee
Establishment of communication and social media instruments
Call for members

January 2021 – December 2021

Establishment of eight Divisions:
– Small Business
– Seniors
– Regional and Rural
– NDIS and Mental Health
– Children and Families
– Centrelink and Employment
– Volunteers and Voluntary Associations
– Faith and Community

Call for Directors of each Division
Call for participants in each Division
Each Division may hold events, meetings, online forums as it sees fit

January 2021 – July 2021 

Call for Community Commissioners in each federal electorate

July 2021 – December 2021

Community Preselections and Ballots are conducted in each FE to select federal candidates

Further information

Vern Hughes
0425 722 890