In May, two Independent networks and four minor parties met in Sydney to consider coming together in a consolidated centrist political force.

We reached agreement on the following key points:


A Consolidated Centrist Political Force

1. We are positioned in the political centre, neither Left nor Right.

2. We accept differences in opinion as normal, treating differences with respect and courtesy.

3. We will adopt a core platform of shared commitments & values. This will not attempt to cover every issue, but will aim to be sufficiently distinctive and cohesive so as to define our centrist identity.

4. Candidates and elected representatives will work with the core platform, retaining a right to hold and exercise a conscience vote on any matter, and/or a right to vote in accordance with majority opinion in their constituency.

5. We will issue either open tickets or split tickets in preference arrangements with Coalition and Labor parties, as befits a centrist party.

6. Existing parties that join a consolidated centrist force will constitute a Division within the new governance arrangements to continue advocacy of their special constituency (ie a Small Business Division, a Seniors Division, a Country Division, an NDIS/Mental Health Division, a WA Division, etc).

7. We think a centre party with a national membership of 15,000 is a realistic goal by the end of 2019, this being 100 members in each of 150 federal electorates.

8. We will proceed to launch a new entity within six months.

If you would like to participate in this development, as either an individual or registered or unregistered party, please get in touch with Vern Hughes 0425 722 890.

Melbourne Meeting

In Melbourne, a post-election meeting on Saturday 15th June will be held to report on progress towards a consolidated centre party.

This will be held at 12 noon till 3pm over a shared lunch in Dandenong. Please get in touch if you would like to attend. RSVP

We’d like to schedule meetings in other areas as part of this process. If you would like to host one in your state/area, please get in touch.