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For twenty years, polls have shown that 65-70% of Australians think we should reduce immigration.


Even more than that oppose ‘immigration-dependence’, which is the situation Australian Governments have got themselves into by building an immigration-dependent economy, reliant on 200,000 immigrants annually and another 300,000 foreign students who will eventually become permanent settlers.
Despite widespread concern about this direction in the last decade, both Liberal and Labor Parties are unanimous in their bi-partisan support for mass immigration. In this, they have the backing of elite opinion – big business, big unions, treasury departments, universities and mainstream media.

There is no issue in Australian politics where the
political class of Liberal and Labor and their elite opinion backers is so determined to ignore public opinion and do the opposite of what most of us want.
For this reason, immigration and the economic and social consequences of ‘immigration-dependence’ is the big fault-line in Australian politics.

This rupture in democracy has to stop. The only way it can end is through the development of a Stop Immigration Party. Nothing else will change the country’s direction.
We invite your support. Membership is free. We are focussed on the 2025 federal election in which we want to participate and change the country’s direction. We need 1,500 members to register with the Australian Electoral Commission.


The Stop Immigration Party is a mainstream centre party, not aligned with Left or Right. We oppose racism and bigotry in all forms. In the past, the only public voices who opposed high immigration were voices on the Right – this had the effect of holding back the public debate. Today, opposition to mass immigration cuts across the political and social spectrum.

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We welcome your membership. You can volunteer by convening a federal electorate group, or by acting as a state or territory co-ordinator. You can make a donation to help set us up. All are really appreciated. 

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Vern Hughes
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