Queensland Senate

Hetty-ohnstonHetty Johnston AM is running for the Senate in Queensland as a voice for The Sensible Centre in Australian politics.

Hetty is The People’s Champion. As a Senator for Queensland she will have a huge impact in shaking up our political system.

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Believe Again

ENOUGH IS ENOUGHI have decided to run as an independent Senate candidate in the upcoming Federal Election. Like most Queenslanders, I am sick of the smoke and mirrors our politicians have become renowned for. They routinely promise so much and deliver so little.

We deserve better. We deserve to BELIEVE AGAIN.

When it’s time to vote at the next election, ask yourself a simple question – do you want more of the same or a fresh, independent voice in Canberra? If it’s the latter, vote 1 for Hetty Johnston and help me finally hold our politicians to account.

Your Concerns. My Voice

I have never shied away from a fight in my life. For almost 30 years, I have been a passionate advocate for our environment, our democracy and our community’s most vulnerable souls – our children and the people that love them. As the founder of the country’s leading child protection organisation, I have listened to the concerns of Australians and battled to have them heard at the highest levels of government, only to continually be dismayed by a lack of action by our elected representatives.

No more – the time has come to fight for Queenslanders from inside Parliament House.

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