Community Representation for Monash and Gippsland

We are searching for two good local people to represent the communities of Monash and Gippsland federal electorates in the 2022 federal election.

Our democracy is broken. Most of us no longer feel represented by anyone in Canberra.

Fortunately, there are lots of people who think like us who want to fix this problem. We need a whole new batch of community representatives in Canberra who can speak for us and reform our once strong democracy.

Monash and Gippsland are neighbouring electorates, with similar demographics and common challenges. The Latrobe Valley with its energy, mining and industrial industries sits in the middle of our region, surrounded by rural and agricultural communities. This is why we are inviting people from both areas to join together in searching for good candidates to support. You can see a map of the electorates below.

We want to represent all the people in our region. We want to bring people together across the old divisions of rural and industrial, conservative and progressive, young and old, to strengthen our communities. And we want to find local people who can bring people together and unite us.

Climate change is an important issue and we want practical solutions. Our social fabric is facing stresses from all directions. Families face intense pressures in raising kids and in dealing with mental health, education, housing and employment challenges. Government agencies are impersonal and unresponsive every time you need them. Corruption and unethical behaviour seem to flow out of Canberra like mountain streams.

We want hundreds of people involved, so please fill in the form below and send it through.

We will hold a Zoom meeting on Thursday 20th January.

Then in the new year, we will hold face-to-face meetings in towns across the region to get everyone’s ideas.

We look forward to your participation.


Inge Mitchell
0411 453 175

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